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Organic Essential Oils

The Healing Powers of Nature in a Drop

Bliss Drops is born from a growing passion for the plants and their infinite properties. Essential oils are real treasures of wellbeing, inviting you to a journey of self-discovery… Awaken your senses and explore a world of wisdom! 

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100% Organic Essential Oils

Bliss Drops Spray Chakra Balancing


All the benefits of essential oils in alcohol-free, filtered water sprays. For the room or to spray around yourself.


A selection of ready-to-go blends in carrier oil or 100% pure essential oils blends, from soothing to energizing.

Single Essential Oils

Due to international shipping restrictions, we are unable to provide single oils at the moment. 


Carefully selected oils

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Therapeutic Grade

We only use certified organic oils, which biochemical composition is verified by certified laboratories, 100% natural and pure. This ensures that the product you have in your hands is pure, natural and contributes to the protection of the environment.

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Our oils come from organic farming or wild harvest, sourced from indigenous regions where the plants grow in their natural environment and distilled without using chemicals. Their high quality assure that our products are efficient and safe.

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Cruelty Free

Bliss Drops’ mission is to contribute to make our planet a better place. We strongly believe in animal rights and our products are not tested on animal and are 100% vegan.

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